Hard work pays off

So, I have a confession to make! I lied yesterday ! I never ended up goig to the gym 😦 . I was still feeling under the weather. However, I woke up today with a vengeance! I hit the stair master for 35 minutes. I did intervals of a work rate of 99 and rest rate of 89, but every other I upped the speed to sprint at 130. I completed a total of 4.5 miles and was dying by the end of it, but the good news is I think I sweated out my cold ! 🙂 hard work always pays off.



Quote of the day: “Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the
body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always
tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were
younger the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was never tired…You’ve always
got to make the mind take over and keep going.”

Published by Danielle

28-year-old, Christian, family nurse practitioner with a love for health, fitness, wellness, medicine, and the human body.

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