Body Fat Confusion

I apologize once again for being M.I.A., life just gets busy sometimes! 

What have I been up to?!

Church, youth group, the gym–of course, school, studying, the gym, cleaning, the gym.

Did I mention the gym? 😉

I’ve still been following the same workout plan. I wanted to switch it up this week, but I did not have time to learn a new workout with everything else going on in my life. This next week, however, I will be doing a new workout off of I am excited for the new workout because it’s something completely different than what I am use to. 

I’ve also recently gained some body fat. I was trying to gain weight because my body fat percentage was way too low to live on. (I was probably about 9 to 10%) The last time I checked I was around 13% about two or three weeks ago. I feel as though it went up now to maybe 14 or 15%. I’d like to remain around 14% to be healthy. It’s hard gaining weight though because I feel like all my progress is going down the drain, but I know I’m making myself healthier. Does anyone else feel this way about gaining weight?

What do all of you think about body fat? What do you think a healthy percentage is?


Have an awesome day 🙂 work hard, and see results. You only live this life once, so live your best life!

Motivational quote of the day: 

“The lesson I learned is that we too easily deceive ourselves into thinking we’re exerting enough effort. To take ourselves over the top, enough is never enough. Only more than we ever thought possible is enough.”


Published by Danielle

28-year-old, Christian, family nurse practitioner with a love for health, fitness, wellness, medicine, and the human body.

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