I’m back! And a Product Review!

I am very sorry that I have been missing for a few weeks. I banned myself from blogging until finals were over and done with. Now that I have earned myself all A’s, 😉 I can get back to the blogging! Summer has officially begun, but not exactly because I am taking a summer class.

So, what have I been up to lately?

  • Studying, sleeping, working out, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and all of that fun stuff! — Boring I know!
  • I have started a new workout routine from muscleandstrength.com that I will explain in detail later. But for now, a product review for you 🙂
I love this stuff! It mixes up great with some water, truvia, and cinnamon. Makes me feel guilt free about eating copious amounts of PB! I love mixing it with greek yogurt, kind of comes out tasting like PB cheesecake. Try it!
This is a pretty good protein bar. I like lower calorie protein bars that have a reasonable amount of protein and are not too high in sugar. I try to lean towards more natural bars. This is a great low calorie bar. It’s 140 calories for 5 grams of protein. It tastes pretty good too! Great for pre-workout snack.

Yes, yes I do know these are for diabetics, but there so good! They are sweet and chocolatey. If I’m craving chocolate, these bars usually do the trick to satisfy my sweet tooth. And at 140 calories with 10 grams of protein, you can’t beat it! They’re also fairly filling, which is a plus.

These are awesome if your looking for a high protein bar–best for a quick post workout snack. They are super high in protein, 15 grams! at 140 calories! They are very good. They almost taste like a dessert, but they definitely have that “protein bar” consistency, making them lean towards the chewier side. They are a great way to get in extra protein.

I ADORE the Good Bean company! These roasted chickpeas are perfect for snacking on throughout the day, or tossing into a salad. They are high in fiber and protein and goodness 🙂 I also love their bars! Which are featured below..

I was SO excited when I found these in Whole Foods. I could not locate them in any other store near me. They are just as awesome as they sound. They are slightly gooey like a trail mix bar, but also crunchy. I eat them as a pre-workout snack.. and my momma likes them, and when my momma likes something , it has to be good. She is a bit of a picky eater. They also have a few other flavors of these bars. They all taste good to me!

I love gummy vits! I’ve never been big on swallowing pills, so these are perfect. They taste like a treat! For the longest time, I could not understand why I was running out of them so quickly. Then one afternoon I caught the culprit! My mom was stealing them !. .tisk tisk.

Great quote from Ali ! 🙂 Let me know what you think of all these products! Have any of you tried any of these? Any opinions on the best protein bar?

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