Offensive Comments

Hello all! Long time no talk! Here’s an update on my life:

I’ve returned from Disney World. My dentist put me on an antibiotic for the tooth that was coming in, and I feel so much better now. However, tomorrow he will be pulling the tooth! 😦 I’ve never had a tooth pulled before; I’ve never had a cavity, and I’ve never even had my mouth numbed before! This should be quite interesting.

Disney was nice for the first few days, but then it started to pour. I went with my friend and her mom and little sister. Hurricane Debbie ruined all the Florida sunshine and fun! It down poured about four out of the six days we were there. We just threw on some ponchos and braved the storm. It wasn’t my favorite vacation, but it was bearable.

In Disney I managed to workout. The Beach Club resort has a nice gym. I did not do much cardio because I knew we would be walking around a lot. My workouts were mostly a 1 mile warmup, lifting, and a 1 mile cool down. I barely broke a sweat, but I was happy to be in the gym. I woke up early and went before my friends family woke up, which was no problem because they liked to sleep in until 8:30, 9ish.

While my friend and her family are very nice people, they had “difficulties” understanding my lifestyle. For example, when we went out to the italian restaurant I chose salmon over the pasta. The next day my friends mom informed me that I did not eat? The conversation went something like this:

“We are going to go to a buffet tonight, Chef Mickeys!” -Friend’s Mom

“Oh! Awesome. That sounds good!” – Me

“Yeah, but you don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom

“Uhh, excuse me?” -Me , as I am snacking away on a protein bar.

“You don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom.

“What? I’m eating right now?” -Me.

“Oh, Sam said you don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom (Not going to use my friend’s real name; let’s just call her Sam.)

“No, she eats, I said she eats healthy.” -Sam chimes in.

“Oh.” -Friend’s Mom.

TALK ABOUT AWKWARD. I guess, to them, my healthy eating was considered “not eating“. I guess some people are ignorant to how to go about leading a healthy lifestyle. I was slightly offended at first, but in all honesty I just felt bad for them. I wish more people were educated on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. And I decided that if they were going to judge me for being me, then so be it! I didn’t let their comments bring me down. I am a strong person 🙂 No negativity can get in my way!

Has anyone ever made comments about your healthy lifestyle choices?!?




Published by Danielle

28-year-old, Christian, family nurse practitioner with a love for health, fitness, wellness, medicine, and the human body.

2 thoughts on “Offensive Comments

  1. Yeah– my family for one! My uncle’s told me that I eat rabbit food and jokes around a lot, and my mom’s always trying to get me to “eat” at family parties. I realize that they just care about me, but I let them know that I’m growing up and can take care of myself.


    1. Yes, I can completely relate to you! You have a very positive outlook on the situation though, and that is awesome 🙂


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