Competition Prep!

Oh goodness, where to begin! Well, I apologize for being MIA for a little while. I’ve been so busy. Everything just suddenly came bombarding at once. I’ve been filling out all types of college forms because I transferred to a new school, I’ve been in and out of doctors offices for this strange bump I’ve developed, I’ve been training for a competition, and I’ve been trying to figure out all there is to know about competitions. I’ve never been in a bikini competition ever before! I did not realize how expensive it can become and how time consuming the entire process is!

The competition is in August 24th and 25th! I had to buy a flashy, sequin bikini, rent a hotel room, buy new makeup because with the spray tan – that I also have to buy- my old makeup won’t match, and I also had to purchase a costume because there is a ‘themed sportswear round’. I am still confused as to what that entails. The website just says this,

“You have a chance to show your modeling talents and your creativity. Just like in the bikini round you will be asked to walk from one side of the stage to the other performing quarter turns at a specific point outlined on stage,  known as a T-Walk. The themed apparel you select should best represent your character, personality, athletic interests and/or any other appearance you’re comfortable wearing. Just make sure it compliments your body. Work your magic – before you go on stage relax, enjoy your presentation and remember to smile. On the application, contestants must provide a brief description of their outfit in the Themed Sportswear Round. This is an opportunity for contestants to get creative with their costume and also mention the clothing sponsor, if any. No offensive costumes will be allowed (see through tops, etc.)”

Anyone have any ideas?!?!?!! I could definitely use some HELP! 🙂

OH, AND I’ve been training my booty off at the gym. Luckily, I found a mentor though. This random woman at my gym who has done a figure competition before – not bikini but she still knows more than I do! – she took me under her wing and is helping me with posing and my music selection and all that jazz.  —BTW ANY SONG SUGGESTIONS ANYONE!?!? haha …I should probably know my song by now considering the fact that the competition is less than 2 weeks away!!! :O !

But this woman, my mentor, told me I need to stop doing so much cardio! … This is definitely going to be more difficult than I imagined. She told me I should only do 10 minutes per day! I was doing 40-100 minutes per day! Yes, Crazy, I know! But I feel like I have to work hard to win. AND I WANT TO WIN! .. But!! they want to see “shapely” girls, not girls that are skinny and starving looking. So, I am going to have to get over this mental block, and just continue to lift hard with less cardio. 😉

Wow, this is a long and wordy post.

What do you think guys? Suggestions for the themed sportswear and music?!?!?!

Love you all! God bless!


Sneak peek of my competition suit!

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28-year-old, Christian, family nurse practitioner with a love for health, fitness, wellness, medicine, and the human body.

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