Endocrine Glands Part 2

The endocrine system is pretty complex, but by far one of the most interesting systems in the body because of all the different bodily functions that are affected by the endocrine system. In you brain, there exists the hypothalamus. It’s basically the king of all hormones. It releases inhibiting and releasing hormone to the glandContinue reading “Endocrine Glands Part 2”

Taking Advantage of your Endocrine System

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! 🙂 I’ve been learning a lot lately about the endocrine system. I’ve always found the endocrine system so interesting because of how it can affect nearly every part of our bodies and every single one of our cells! (SOURCE: this image came right from my text book, Marieb, AnatomyContinue reading “Taking Advantage of your Endocrine System”

Hey guys! It’s a new month, and I’ve got a “new me” to share. But first, here are some photos from my competition!   And there are some random photos of my bulking progress throughout the rest of the post! As of right now, I’ve been “bulking”. After my competition, I decided I really neededContinue reading