IBD and Oral Contraceptives?

Image Source There has been a lot of debate lately regarding oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) and the effects of OCPs on women’s’ health. I’ve seen everything from the “sweaty t-shirt study” (which claims OCPs alter the way women perceive male pheromones and can possibly cause the woman to choose the wrong mate!) to articles onContinue reading “IBD and Oral Contraceptives?”

Soft Pretzel Chocolate Chip Banana Protein Cookies; Paleo, Gluten Free

Guess who’s back, back, back?! Back again.. lol jk. I’ve got quite the recipe for you lovely ladies and gents! 😉 Introducing… SOFT PRETZEL CHOCOLATE CHIP PROTEIN COOKIES !   These are salty and sweet with a hint of banana flavor. They are gluten-free and Paleo! I’ve recently discovered that I do not do wellContinue reading “Soft Pretzel Chocolate Chip Banana Protein Cookies; Paleo, Gluten Free”

Whole-30 Review

So! A few months back I did the whole-30! (This was an awesome excerpt right from the awesome book!) It’s basically eating super clean paleo for 30 days to look and feel your best. No, it’s not easy, but if you want it bad enough it is definitely doable! I ate no grains, dairy, sweets,Continue reading “Whole-30 Review”

Been so long!

Hey guys! It’s been forever! But I’m back!   Quick update for now, I’ll do a more in-depth post later. Life has been crazy! I’ve been studying to finish my degree. I’ll be graduating in May with a degree in Economics! It’s so exciting! 😀 Anyway, here’s a quick look at my life in pictures:Continue reading “Been so long!”

What is Paleo?!

154.7 million Americans are overweight or obese. The top causes of death in America are as follows: —Heart disease: 597,689 —Cancer: 574,743 —Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080 —Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476 —Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859 —Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494 —Diabetes: 69,071 (SOURCE: —The center for disease control.)   But we never use to be so overweight andContinue reading “What is Paleo?!”