How my Diet kept me from my best!

Hey Fit Fam !

I do not have time to write a full post today, but I’ve made time to tell a quick story!

You could call this story an introduction to my next post… I’ll be delving further into my diet and why/how I choose to eat “Paleo“.

All my life I’ve had this awful pain in around my lower right medial soleus or along the medial side of my tibia. It would subside only when I would stop running for a few weeks. If I tried to run it would hurt SO bad. The only type of cardio I could do was biking and the elliptical–even the stair master hurt sometimes!

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I was angry. I was frustrated. I just wanted to be able to run pain free.

I had tried every option possible. I had custom made orthotics, I tried stretches, and I even did some physical therapy–NOTHING worked!


I began eating a paleo diet. A paleo diet mostly consists of vegetables (but no legumes or lentils), minimal fruit, nuts, seeds, fats (coconut, avocado, olive oil, walnut oil, some nuts, and other healthy sources), and lots of grass-fed or wild caught protein sources.

(SOURCE: this image came from this website.)

Within 1 week of starting the new way of life, my leg pain had dramatically subsided. Within 2 weeks of the diet, my pain was almost gone, and by week 3 I had NO PAIN and NO need for my custom made, EXPENSIVE, orthotics!!

I could not believe that my diet was what was causing a pain in my lower leg! How was that even possible?

What you eat REALLY does affect every. single. cell. in your body.

Maybe I was allergic to gluten? Maybe I had leaky-gut syndrome? Maybe I was eating too many carbohydrates that were causing inflammation? Maybe all of these were combining together? –I’m still not exactly sure what exactly went down biochemically in my body. I do know, however, that I feel better than I’ve ever felt following the paleo diet.

I assume something of this sort went down: grains cause little holes to form in your intestinal lining–this is called “leaky gut”. My intestines were inflamed and leaky after years of dealing with IBS (which btw has also been eradicated by this new diet!), wheat or gluten proteins were seeping through my intestinal lining into my blood stream and causing my body to attack these proteins as foreign invaders. (My problem surfaced in my leg, but some people have inflammatory responses in other bodily organs–it just all depends! But any inflammatory response in the body is your body enacting your immune system to kill “foreign invaders”.) –Sorry if that is confusing; I’ll better explain this in my next post. 

I have more energy, strength, stamina, and just about never get sick. I am pain free and can run for the first time in years. I thank God every single day that I found out about the paleo diet and gave it a shot!

(SOURCE: This image came from this website.)

I’ll be explaining more about paleo in my next post, but if you’re too impatient check out Robb Wolf’s website here, and give paleo a shot for 30 days to see how you feel! Who knows, maybe that pain in your arm or stomach or leg or anywhere will disappear?

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! 🙂

God Bless!

fitgirlfab ❤


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